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This is a listings service and only displays for sale goods and equipment which have been listed directly by a seller. All images and content provided on the listing is content provided directly by the seller and therefore we are unable to guarantee its’s accuracy.

Highways.Today is not an agent. Any contract of sale is made directly between the seller & buyer.

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  • Any company or individual with access to the Internet may submit a listing.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • All submissions must have a valid email address and valid contact information.
  • All submissions must include a valid description, quantity and price.
  • All submissions must include location details, including country.
  • Interested parties will contact you directly via the email address you submitted. A third party catchall spam feature is used to protect your email address from spam and we offer no guarantees on the effectiveness of this service.

Listing Rejection Policy

We reserve the right to exclude any or all listing submissions.

Listings are Rejected for several reasons. The most common reasons are outlined below:

  • Listing was too general: listings must be for specific items
  • Listing does not include a valid quantity and price
  • Listing included company promotional information in listing
  • Listing included company contact information in the content / body of the ad
  • Listing included invalid contact information
  • Listing is not applicable to the desired category
  • Listing duplicates another listing submitted in the past
  • Listing included profanity or other unacceptable language etc


Standard Disclaimer: Highways.Today is an electronic information service designed to promote trade by bringing buyers and sellers (suppliers) together using the Internet. Highways.Today assumes no liability for errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations pertaining to the listings.

Highways.Today assumes no responsibility for any and all details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller. It is the responsibility of the two parties making any transactions from leads obtained through this site to do their own due diligence on the veracity and creditability of the other party by checking references, etc of each other.