hiQ and Ammann join forces to create Q Point for the construction industry
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hiQ and Ammann join forces to create Q Point for the construction industry

hiQ and Ammann join forces to create Q Point for the construction industry

Austrian construction process specialist hiQ solutions GmbH is joining forces with the Ammann Group’s Digital Products team to create Q Point: the brand name for the new, high-performance provider of a manufacturer-independent, open digital platform for the construction industry. Q Point opens up new dimensions for users in terms of boosting efficiency, enhancing quality and cutting costs.

The Ammann Group has set itself the goal of playing an active part in shaping the digital transformation in the construction industry. The Group’s innovative products and services attest its commitment to benefit for customers and users, in keeping with its motto:

“Productivity Partnership for a Lifetime”.

The construction industry is calling for open, manufacturer-independent platforms with open standards to enable digital networking of the various players. Integrative networking of all players involved in the process is the vital factor in digitization. Supporting products and services must therefore be aligned throughout the entire value chain, from the raw materials producer and the mixing plant through to transportation and the road construction site, including the construction machines deployed.

Given the background of openness and knowing that independence from specific manufacturers is a key success factor, the Ammann Group has decided to spin off its Digital Products department as a standalone entity named Q Point AG. The Ammann Group’s existing stock of core know-how will be complemented by expertise in construction process optimization and logistics. To achieve this goal, the newly-incorporated Q Point AG acquired hiQ solutions GmbH of Austria at the start of March 2018.

hiQ solutions specialises in services for the optimization and control of construction processes in asphalt and concrete road construction as well as earthworks. The existing customer base comprises renowned European construction enterprises which can immediately benefit from the groundbreaking range of services on offer.

The implementation of a manufacturer-independent digital platform Q Point offers a consistent, uninterrupted flow of data and information from the customer (invitation to tender) that includes 5D planning, execution, accounting / billing, documentation, operation and decommissioning or dismantling.

The Q Point platform is a critical business factor because of its ability to penetrate customer processes. Alongside functionality, users accord crucial importance to requirements such as availability, safety, security and data protection.

As a result of the merger and thanks to the existing network of partners, Q Point has the performance capacity required to offer all services at both local and global levels. Ammann’s “Productivity Partnership for a Lifetime” motto is also a cornerstone for this new group of companies which will operate independently of the Ammann Group as such.

As of now, Q Point is present on the market with hiQ solutions’ existing products.

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