Will the dash cam make safer drivers and safer roads?
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Will the dash cam make safer drivers and safer roads?

Will the dash cam make safer drivers and safer roads?

A dash cam is a small camera mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of your car and facing the road, although for even better coverage you can also have dash cams with both front and rear facing cameras. They turn on when you start the engine and record your entire journey. Dash cam videos can be time-stamped in a way that’s tamper-proof, making them a great source of evidence for any kind of road incident. In Russia, for example, they’ve proved very popular as protection against corrupt police officers and insurance fraudsters.

Will dash cams make us better drivers?

Dash cams may also help us become better drivers simply just by being there. There’s a lot of research that suggests we behave less selfishly when we think someone might see us. This may be particularly relevant in the context of driving, where anything that helps us think twice should lead to safer roads for everyone.

Dash cam footage can also help police combat problems like road rage or texting at the wheel more effectively. These incidents are easier to report when there’s a clear image of the licence plate in question.

Britain’s roads have been transformed by safety technologies. Inventions such as seatbelts, airbags and breathalysers – many of which weren’t exactly welcomed when they first arrived  – have helped bring about a remarkable decline in road accidents in recent decades. According to 2015 government statistics, road fatalities in Britain fell by 68% in the last 30 years, despite the fact that the population has grown by 15%. Even the pace of improvement is improving: there were 45% fewer fatalities in 2015 than just a decade earlier in 2006.

Most people tend to be a bit harder on other drivers than they are on themselves. It’s just human nature. So is it any harm to be reminded, every now and again, that we might – just might – be capable of making the occasional mistake ourselves?

Will dash cams make other drivers better?

Dash cams could help keep the roads safe by encouraging a little self-awareness among all drivers. Knowing the cars around you have dash cams recording your driving and collecting potential evidence is something that will become more relevant in the future as these devices become even more popular, and start to become standard equipment integrated into cars.

Can you use dash cam videos in an insurance claim?

Interest in dash cams is growing quickly in the UK and around the world. In a recent poll of AA Members, over half said they were seriously considering buying one. Dash cam videos are now accepted by a growing number of insurance providers as evidence in claims.

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